Best Writing I’ve Read This Year (So far)

I’ve quoted a few. 

A Sleepwalk on the Severn, Alice Oswald (Poetry)

I’m going to stare up half this night

And then proceed by dreamsight, moonstinct

(Page 14)

Faber & Faber 2009 Edition

Ms. Hempel Chronicles, Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum(Short Stories)

Later, she would return to this moment, flipping it back and forth like a tricky flash card, one that somehow refused to be memorized. …He kissed her, then he changed his mind-that was as far as she ever got. But always fascinating to her was the fact that she could feel him changing his mind. Feel it in her muscles and on her skin. Not that he did anything so obvious as stiffen, and his body didn’t once let go of her’s; yet something shifted-

(Yurt, Page 146)

First Mariner Books 2009 Edition

Dart, Alice Oswald (Poetry)

I let time go as slow as moss, I stand

and try to get the dragonflies to land

their gypsy coloured engines on my hand.

(Page 6)

Faber & Faber, Poetry Firsts Edition 2012


We were Emergencies, Buddy Wakefield (Poem)

I’m new to this,
but I have seen nearly every city from a rooftop
without jumping.


Art Objects, Jeanette Winterson (Non Fiction/Theory)

Art has deep and difficult eyes and for many the gaze is too insistent. Better to pretend that art is dumb, or at least has nothing to say that makes sense to us.

(Page 11)


Dark Hours, Conchitina Cruz (Poetry)

Where is the ground that only knows the love of water? Where are the passageways to your heart? Pity the water that stays and rises on the streets, pity the water that floods into houses, so dark and filthy and heavy with dark leaves and plastic.

(Page 4) 

The University of the Philippines Press, 2005 Edition

Inventing the Abbots, Sue Miller (Short Stories)

Kari, Amruta Patil (Graphic Novel)

How to Breathe Underwater, Julie Orringer (Short Stories)

Wreck of Time, Annie Dillard (Essay)







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