Savage in The Pind Collective

D for, Amethyst, Waiting for movement, and Packing in SOFTBLOW

Alone, In Praise of Drool and Boy in Eclectica Magazine (Spotlight Author for July/August 2017)

Marrow in Jaggery Lit

Reasons in The Nervous Breakdown

We are the ocean in The Fourth River

When they open our bodies, forthcoming in Kitaab

Listening to pellets, forthcoming in Murmurs from the Faultlines

To kill a bald eagle forthcoming in North-East Review


Simmer and The good memory in The Lake

Sita in Lanka  in Barely South Review

Windows in The Fenland Reed

Revolve in Marsh Hawk Review (selected by Eileen Tabios)

Boatman addresses the poet in Read Wildness


Last ride before the monsoon, we are a few burials overdue and weights & measures in Vayavya

bombay trains and boys in The Scribbler (scroll down)


A Girl in Winter in The Cadaverine Collection: New Writing from Under 30s.

Space in New Writing, University of East Anglia

Gurgaon, 7 AM and Bluebell Road, 6 PM in The Scribbler. A collaboration with Sohini Basak.


Origami and Culled in Visual Verse (Scroll down to Page 10)

Someday, I want to write a lover’s dialogue in haikus, A Girl in Winter and Stasis in The Cadaverine

What is Cartography and On the Woman Who Walked the Ocean Floor in Four and Twenty

Culling in Flycatcher:A Journal of Native Imagination


Terrace Rain in The Four Quarters Magazine (Page 27 in the August 2012 issue)

How to Write, When to Write, The Reading and Manivannan in Muse India

The Summer I was Six in Red River Review (Poem no. 11 in the August 2012 issue)

The Redrafter and She with the Jalebi Lights in Dr. Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure

The Art of Baking Good Poetry at Red River Review (Poem no. 10 in the May 2012 issue)


She’s the Art in Ultraviolet


Ariel  (scroll down) and The Death of One Man at Kritya


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